A Promise


A hint, a trace

or suggestion of presence,

buried or half-buried and glinting in the sun.

A shred of cloth,

with the faded colours of what might be.

The widow’s mite,

the five loaves and two fish,

multiplied to feed enough and enough

and more.

Such a very little thing,

an ounce of the spice that suffuses the whole dish

with its flavour.

A shimmering grain

balancing out the scales.


This poem was the result of playing with one of the words in last week’s writing prompt over at Musings.( Scintilla means a tiny trace or minute amount.) I’ve added a couple of strange new words to the list but kept the prompt as is for another week. the idea is to use one or more of the unusual words to write a poem, spark a freewrite or come up with a scene for a novel you may be working on. I hope you have fun with it.


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